about us


After  joining WTO, being more internationalized is a crucial concern for Taiwan. Utilizing visual design professions with up-to-date technology, to enhance the cultural creativity and thus promote the identity of Taiwan is one of the tasks. In order to achieve this aim, in August, 2002, the Graduate School of Visual Design was founded by the supports of Principal, Dr. Jia-nan Dai, along with the preliminary preparation devoted by Prof. Ming-liao Chang. Prof. Bo-yan Chang was the dean of the Graduate School, who improved and upgraded the space and equipment for the institute. In 2004, the Graduate School of Continuing Studies was established to offer further education opportunity for teachers and professionals in design fields, especially in central and southern Taiwan. Later in 2006, the Department of Visual Design was originated by Prof. Yi-hsuan Lee. The department welcomed students with interests in design to pursuit further studies in this subject. Then in 2007, the graduate and undergraduate programs were integrated into one institute; the graduate program was re-named as the Master Program of Visual Design. Since the foundation of our programs, we have been recognized as an institute with outstanding research and teaching quality. Our students have received numerous prizes at home and abroad for the quality of their works. With the achievements, we have been acknowledged as the leading role in the education of visual design in southern Taiwan.



Ⅱ‧Our Goals

The Goals of Department and Master Program of Visual Design are
(1) to equip students with the necessary skills and become professional in the field;
(2) to emphasize on the teaching of the production;
(3) to apply design theory into utility;
(4) to foster the cultural ideas and global vision; and
(5) to cooperate with design industries.

Ⅲ‧Teaching and Research


Due to the lack of advanced research institute in visual design in southern Taiwan, the Master Program of Visual Design was therefore established. The program was designed to reinforce the connection between design theory and production. Along with the above intention, the undergraduate program was founded to enhance the artistic level of those fresh in visual design, and with the attempt to adjust the imbalanced human resource caused by the bias of professional-skill-oriented demands. Moreover, the department seeks to equip the students with art knowledge and technical skills. The Department and Master Program of Visual Design are affiliated with the College of Arts. According to the attributes, the aims of the programs are to foster students’ artistic tastes and aesthetic capacities, accompanied by the humanities and philosophical theories to achieve higher quality in design education.



1. To highlight the criteria of utility and diversity in curriculum.

2. To inspire and encourage student’s critical thinking and imagination in the creative process.

3. To apply up-to-date technology and media in seeking of brand-new styles and perspectives.

4. To equip the students with artistic taste and design conceptions.



Ⅳ‧The Way Forward

1. Exploration for new aspect: with foundations courses, inspired students to develop ideas based on their cultural backgrounds.

2. Multiplied skills: encourage students to experiment with new skills from the latest technology.

3. Collaboration with design industries: reinforce the cooperation between school and industries in order to equip students with practical experiences and design skills.



1. Interacting frequently with design institutes at home and abroad to share individual resources.

2. Planning the establishment of doctoral program to complete the design education system.

3. Hosting international conferences and exhibitions to reinforce researches in visual design.